PGP for iOS

iPGMail is an iPhone/iPad app for sending and decrypting OpenPGP encoded messages. With governments and corporations increasingly infringing upon our privacy, we must take steps to protect our private communications and files. With OpenPGP encryption, you can secure your messages and files to ensure that only the intended recipients are able to read them. OpenPGP is a well established protocol for protecting data with strong encryption using public key cryptography, it is widely used throughout the world for protecting private exchanges and now it is available on your iOS based mobile device for a nominal price ($1.99 USD).

With iPGMail you can exchange encrypted and digitally signed private messages with others in your PGP chain of trust from your iOS device. iPGMail is fully functional, it is not crippled with limited functionality to entice you to purchase add-on apps, nor does it present you with any ads or other nuisances. The app supports key generation, public and private key import and export, and both encryption and decryption of files or email messages. iPGMail supports DropBox as a way to import or export keys or files from the app and to enable easier sharing among your devices and computers. iPGMail integrates with the iOS Mail application and makes the process of sending or receiving secure private messages simple.

Version: 3.0.5
Author: Wyllys Ingersoll
Price: $1.99
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